Earthquake! photography equipment has many benefits in disaster prevention!

What to do if an earthquake comes? 

Make your own emergency kit using items around you!


There have been constant aftershocks in recent days, making me dizzy and scared!


There have been constant earthquakes in the past few days, and many have occurred in the middle of the night. Once an emergency occurs, the scene needs to be evacuated immediately. An emergency evacuation bag that can be grabbed and run can come in handy! But...


What to pack in an emergency evacuation bag? 

Don’t panic, please refer to the chart on the left (information provided by the Fire Department of the Ministry of Interior) and get ready!


What should you do if you encounter a power outage after an earthquake?

It is very dangerous to walk and move in the dark! Especially after an earthquake, there may be broken items or falling objects on the floor. At this time, you need sufficient light sources to help you! When the flashlight is out of power or difficult to obtain, Don’t worry, you can use the photography equipment at hand to achieve great results!



Recommendation! KING BEST Hot Selling Japanese Magnetic Photography Light



I would like to recommend this hot-selling magnet photography light from Amazon in Japan. It has a strong magnet design on the bottom and can be adsorbed on metal surfaces to provide lighting. The uniquely designed Y-shaped bracket can freely adjust the angle of the light source. It only requires 3 AAA batteries for power supply. batteries, batteries are cheap and easy to obtain.
Whether it is for daily photography as fill-in light or for carrying lighting when camping, it is very light and convenient. It is absolutely no problem for boys to put it in their pockets and for girls to put it in their bags!




Beyond your imagination! There is no limit to where it can be used!


Don't be limited by your imagination! Photographic lights can not only be used in studios, but can be used wherever a light source is needed! Whether it is a general indoor place, living room/kitchen/bathroom/garage, or outdoor camping/mountain climbing/car repair, etc. It’s all very useful!


The metal surface can use the magnet adsorption function, and other flat surfaces can also be used upright on the desktop. It can be fixed on a backpack or vest with a rope when hiking outdoors. It can also be hung in a tent as indoor lighting when camping! Not to mention it How easy it is to use as an emergency light! Aren’t you excited about the magnet photography light with so many functions?